Ottomans International

Ottomans International is the brain child of the team that is comprised of contemporary business speculators and electronic brain neurologist who found Ottomans International Technologies in year 2008. The team is comprised of IT intellects having huge on-field experience. As the region is big and due to lack of professional services we are honoured to be one of the providers for IT Solutions in Dubai.

In simple, we can describe ourselves as Networking Solutions Provider in Dubai We know that in this modern age every organization needs better and flawless medium for communication to run the business in secured and hindrance free way that can swiftly surmount the organization to new altitudes.

Our role is always proved to be a vital sign for the ventures resulting in the financial benefits. We are your IT and networking solutions partner with one stop shop solution, the traits at business are discipline, diligence, innovate and integrity which makes us one of the best IT companies in Dubai.

Services at glance

When you are connected to your friend circle staying locally or across the globe is called your social network and that needs medium like mobile, applications, PCs and cameras etc. When we talk about us we set up secured and swift network by contemporary tools to increase the chance of growth for your business through getting global exposure simply through network setup from computer to computer, whenever and wherever you wish as we are the one of the best networking companies in Dubai.

Networking Advantages

  • Resource Sharing
  • Swift and better communication medium
  • Access to remote database
  • Reliability
  • Financial Benefits

Network Technicality at a glance

    1. Client Server(Centralize Database management)
    2. Peer to Peer(Data on Multiple workstation)
    1. LAN(Local Area Network, 100 to 500 computers, speed 10mbps to 100mbps)
    2. MAN(Metropolitan Area Network, all branches or LANs within 50kms area of city)
    3. WAN(Wide Area Network, Internet-World wide web)
    4. SAN(Storage Area Network, is a part of enterprise network implemented for facilitating huge data storage and retrievals, it is a type of LAN or WAN)
    5. PAN(Personal Area Network, 2 or more computers at home or small business offices)
    1. BUS(Common cable is used to connect all the cables and devices)
    2. RING(Token passing method to transmit DATA)
    3. STAR(Central device like hub or switch is medium to transmit DATA b/w 2 computers, it is similar to BUS topology)
    4. MESH(Good for small networks as all computers are connected to each other through cable)
    5. TREE(Computers are connected in Hierarchical manner, root computer or node is responsible for monitoring or controlling the entire network)
    6. HYBRID(Combination of all network topology is called hybrid topology)
    1. Standard
    2. Priority
    1. Wired network
    2. Wireless network